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A very special thanks to all of the beneath named peoples and businesses. Without you all our ranch never would have become a reality!

Jan Schoneveld&Jeanne Scheffer:
For both of yours ever lasting support, help, positive thinking, Trust and the great times we have when you both visit our ranch. 

Carolin Grace&Daniël Nicolson:
For being our forever lasting friends, for ALL of your help with our process to come to Texas, for your never ending support, prayers, love&understanding, for all the furniture&accessories and for all of the fantastic times we share together.

Vance Tomey:
As realtor for selling us the property representing the sellers, your great efforts in getting us the right bank and for staying in our lives as our friend.

Lisa Keen-Finger:
As realtor for selling us the property representing us as buyers, for finding our very first car and most of all for your ever lasting support as our friend.

Marc Finger:
For being our carpenter, plumber and friend during the past 10 years. Without you our house would never have been finished.

Sondra Higgins:
For being our friend, for all your legal and insurance advice, for your car, for being one of our first friends in a country we knew nothing about, for our precious travels and for still being in our lives!

Chris Methvin (R.I.P.):
For your support and help while building our house and for being our friend. We will for ever miss you!

Brian&Stacy Lutz:
For being our home away from home when we had no place to stay as our house had not been finished and for Brian being so patience as our electrician.
We are very thankful for our friendship.

Leslie&Marc Monette:
For always being there for us and all the advice and great times we have with you both!

Melissa Laupe:
For helping us out whenever we needed you and your bobcat, for all of your advice, for being our farrier, for the great care you take of one of our most precious horses whom we never would have been able to keep without your special care and last but definitely not least for being such an awesome friend!

Hondo National Bank:
For being such a great bank and most of all for the trust you have given us in the past 10 years.

Spring Branch Trading Post: For realizing 4 totally beautiful cedar cabins and for always going out of your way to work with us and our ideas.

Brian&Kathy Freeman:
For making the most original decorations for our cabins inside and out, for always wanting to work out new ideas with us, for looking at the world in a “green way” and for our special friendship.

Sandra Hodde:
For our awsome website, stationaries, business cards, brochures, terrific pictures and great times we had at the ranch.

Restaurant de Remise: For great food, drinks and a quiet spot to have our meetings to realize our website, stationary and brochures.

texas vlag  nl flag

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